How do you Build Wealth in 2021? [Sophist Society]

How do you Build Wealth in 2021? [Sophist Society]


         The year has just started. The time to take action is today. After this blueprint, which will then turn into a clear structure of plans, you will build wealth for you and your family. What you can imagine, you can achieve. All you need is a blueprint of the general path, and you will then create your own personal path, but you need the blueprint. 

The Blueprint: 

Step 1: Create the Desire

         You're going to need chase your goal, and really chase it. In order to start your way towards your desire, you must intensify the passion for its acquisition. If you put your undivided focus on the necessary goal, you will continue to march forth onto the first step of your path. Small steps create a solid and direct staircase to your desired wealth.

         Which is easier: climbing to the roof with a 20 step ladder or a 5 steps ladder? Accept the idea to start small, but now you must stay consistent, which will get you to the end-line. We will talk more about consistency in the coming steps. Before you can jump, you must begin some uprooting. 


Step 2: Believe in your Power of Acquisition 

         Once you know what you want, you have to believe you can achieve it. You must begin to uproot the poison out of your mind. It is very hard, this was one of the steps that I took the most amount of time doing and still do often. The mind is a grand landscape and ideas are seeds. In order to have an abundance of wealth driven ideas, you must plant an abundance of wealth driven seeds into the mind. Before you do, uproot the bad seeds that have been sprouting throughout your life. Plant seeds of assurance, confidence in your ability, and positive thinking. Why chase a dream that stresses you? Understand you must do these things in order to create a clean slate.

          Most people try to start with a field full of negative ideas/seeds and expect to have their desired field of success. Create a solid foundation and allow the seeds of success sprout. As long as the field is solely seeds of success, what the "bees" of your mind will do is spread and pollinate throughout the brain. This is where random ideas come from or even "lightbulb" ideas that help enormously to acquire your wealth faster.  The subconscious mind will see the growth and begin to remind your subconscious mind( which would be your conscious mind as well), during every obstacle or win, that it is all apart of the process to reach the finish line. One step at a time. 


Step 3: Consistency

          If you want progress, you must consistently work on your goal. This includes both the wins and the losses( get use to losing). People believe it's either success or failure for an individual, but that is not the answer. Failure is a step in the Process of Success. Continue to work diligently and understand that the failures that come will be an opportunity to fix and slowly perfect your blueprint towards your desired goal. " When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail again.."- Napoleon Hill. Very intellectual man. Read Think and Grow Rich, it's a huge influence on my personal path to wealth. 


Step 4: Set The Standard. 

          The step that will truly separate you from the rest. That 5% that chase their dreams and begin to live it as soon as the time comes. Set the standard and do not look at anyone's blueprint, but your own. Don't compare your process with anyone's and follow your own. We were all made different with different paths, but the same fire of passion burns within all of us. Everyone has potential, you just need to ignite the fire. Check out these individuals who lit it on our main page! 

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